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If you’re a custom leather worker or a saddle and boot maker, you need a dependable source of materials necessary for your craft. Having a reliable supplier helps enable you to consistently provide quality products and services to your clients. For timely delivery of top-notch items for shoe repair and saddle making, turn to Panhandle Leather Inc. in Amarillo, TX. Our wide inventory includes the following:

Hermann Oak Leather
Create various kinds of products using this fine, durable leather. We have this in stock, and it can be shipped anytime.

We have a great selection of saddlery supplies, strap goods, and tack hardware.

Boot Materials
Whether you’re looking for supplies for shoemaking or you need spare parts for boot repair, we have you covered.

Sewing Supplies
Sewing is important in creating custom-made products, so we offer threads and needles that could fit various sewing machines.

Who We Are

Panhandle Leather Inc. is committed to providing exceptional leather, findings, and other materials needed for creating and repairing saddles, shoes, and boots. We understand that timeliness is important when it comes to product delivery. That is why we try to maintain a good inventory, and we do our best to ship your order without any delay.

Do you urgently need top-grade materials for your next shoe repair or saddle making project? Place an order today! Please take note that shipping your purchased items could cost $15 per box or less.